Alain Renaud                                                                         

                                  Computer Systems Analyst



Montréal, Québec                                                                E-mail:                   i n f o @ a l a i n r e n a u d . c a

Canada                                                                                Web:            

Professional objectives

            An interest for the design and development of Internet, GIS or multimedia (games) applications using DBMS technology, within commercial or internal projects of medium size.


Summary of experience

·     About twelve years of experience in functional analysis, programming, training and documentation of management information systems

·     Good knowledge of application development techniques and software

·     University education in various fields, including B. Sc. in Data processing

·     Fluent in 3 languages: French, English, Spanish


Work history

CogniSens Athletics, Montreal, 2010-

·    IT MANAGER : manage the IT infrastructure of the company


SELF-EMPLOYED, Montreal, 2008-2010

·    Website design for various clients


CONSULTANT, Kelly, Montreal, 2006-2007

·     Strategic analysis consultancy with various clients


INTERFACE EXPERT, Logibro, Montreal, 2001-2005

            Environment: SUN,PC / Solaris,Windows2000 / Java / VisualAge, WebSphere /Oracle

·     Analyze, recommend products and develop infrastructure services (JSP / servlets, applets, EJB, XML) in a reengineering project of Logitours travel software for travel agencies

CONSULTANT, CGI (CogniCASE), Montreal, 2000-2001

·     Time-based contract with the City of Montreal : production of a socio-economic mapping system based on MapInfo for the Town Planning’s next update

PROJECT MANAGER, Global Geomatics (L.A.S.), Laval, 1996-2000

            Environment: SUN,PC / Solaris,WindowsNT / Java,C / Delphi,JDeveloper /Oracle8i

·  Manage projects (administrative or technical aspects): depending on projects, responsible for programmers, manage calendars, supervise the production cycle (analyse-design-code-test-transition-support), write proposals

·      Do some consulting, for GUI-based simulations with Delphi and Java (including .AWT, .Swing) and Internet sites

·          Integrate newer technologies for the company (ASP, UML, iTcl); OODesign and writing of Java extensions for middlewares (JDBC, Oracle8i SQL, Informix datablade)

·     Write modules for a commercial package (Grassland) with spatial analysis tools, a Windows interface and a database access API

·          Driver programming in C and a low-level API in Java for accessing geographic data, including networking (.net) and C interfacing (JNI)

CONSULTANT, Télémédiatique, Montreal, 1994-1995 (part-time)

            Environment: PC / Windows NT / MS Project, ManagePRO / Informix

·     Provide technical support for a call for tenders: on a project of the Interamerican Development Bank (data processing at the Ministry of Education, Costa Rica); including part of budgeting, deliverables plan, calendaring, etc.

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