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CPX::Charx Class Reference

#include <Charx.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for CPX::Charx:

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Public Member Functions

 Charx (void)
 Charx (const char *)
virtual ~Charx (void)
Intex compareTo (Charx &)
Charx concat (Charx &)
Boolx contains (Charx &)
Boolx endsWith (Charx &)
Boolx equals (Objex &)
Intex indexOf (Charx &)
Intex lastIndexOf (Charx &)
Intex length (void)
Charx replace (int, int, Charx &)
Boolx startsWith (Charx &)
Charx substring (int)
Charx substring (int, int)
Charx toLowerCase (void)
Charx toUpperCase (void)
Charx trim (void)
string toString (void)

Protected Attributes

char * m_stringValue

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPX::Charx::Charx void   ) 

CPX::Charx::Charx const char *   ) 

virtual CPX::Charx::~Charx void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

Intex CPX::Charx::compareTo Charx  ) 

Charx CPX::Charx::concat Charx  ) 

Boolx CPX::Charx::contains Charx  ) 

Boolx CPX::Charx::endsWith Charx  ) 

Boolx CPX::Charx::equals Objex  ) 

Reimplemented from CPX::Objex.

Intex CPX::Charx::indexOf Charx  ) 

Intex CPX::Charx::lastIndexOf Charx  ) 

Intex CPX::Charx::length void   ) 

Charx CPX::Charx::replace int  ,
int  ,

Boolx CPX::Charx::startsWith Charx  ) 

Charx CPX::Charx::substring int  ,

Charx CPX::Charx::substring int   ) 

Charx CPX::Charx::toLowerCase void   ) 

string CPX::Charx::toString void   ) 

Reimplemented from CPX::Objex.

Charx CPX::Charx::toUpperCase void   ) 

Charx CPX::Charx::trim void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

char* CPX::Charx::m_stringValue [protected]

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